MX Wraps are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Motocross Freeride pioneer and industry leading content creator, John Prutti. The new arrangement between the two will see Prutti represent MX Wraps products on his latest bike builds, competition and freeride bikes along with Prutti’s production company VIBE Imagery, creating unique and engaging content for the MX Wraps brand.

“ I am extremely excited to be working with MX Wraps as my new partner for graphics and content production. The relationship is two fold in the fact that MX Wraps are able to provide me with industry leading graphics and related product such as jersey prints, which in return allows me the tools I need to have a unique looking bike to create amazing content for the brand and my other partners”, commented Prutti.

Additionally, the relationship between the two will see MX Wraps produce signature John Prutti graphics kits that will be for sale on the MX Wraps web store, along with providing giveaways for John’s huge social media following.

“ To have a signature kit that will retail through the MX Wraps online store is incredible. You see skateboarders and other action sports athletes having signature shoes etc, so to have a signature kit for myself that we can retail to the public is a great initiative that I feel pushes the sport forward. It can give riders like myself a way to generate more awareness around our personal brand and generate additional income away from riding shows and contests”.

Mx Wraps owner Nathan Miller welcomed Prutti to the MX Wraps team.

“ MX Wraps provide industry leading products and our off the shelf range of customisable graphics are in my opinion, one of the best anywhere in the world. Partnering with talented and unique athletes such as John Prutti who can ride at a world class level and create unique content, is a perfect fit for us in our goals of expanding the MX Wraps brand to a nationwide audience in 2021”.

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