How to get sponsored by a motocross graphics company

Sponsorship: What Is It?

Sponsorship is a key component to every successful athlete, team and event. Sponsorship is when a company commits money, product or resources to the Athlete, Brand, Event or Team to benefit Brand exposure. To put it simply Sponsorship is a trade of support for exhibition. 

Social Media messages are NOT where deals are done. 

It’s easy to think that through the power of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it is as easy as a quick message to put yourself out there. But to be taken seriously by brands and companies, if you do send a message via social media, it needs to be professional in regards to a first point of contact. How you present yourself is critical when it comes to trying to get sponsored by a motocross graphics company, or any brand for that matter. The best way to engage a brand through social media is to briefly explain who you are, but more importantly ask for a contact for a sponsorship manager or brand manager. By asking for a contact for further communication, you are showing a commitment to pursue the relationship further and in a more professional manner.

How to present yourself.

Once you obtain a point of contact at the motocross graphics company, it’s time to plan your proposal. Think about what you can do for the brand and what will you require from the brand in return. In your proposal explain who you are and what you do. This can be done by listing your achievements as a racer, rider, influencer, team or event. Break down where and how you can promote the brand. If you’re a racer or team, what events will be attending, how will you create exposure for the motocross graphics company? If you’re not a racer but a freerider, influencer or freestyle rider, again the same applies, what public events will you be able to showcase the brand? As an event how will the brand be displayed? Will they be able to create an activation, have signage or naming/presenting rights to the event or race categories? These are some of the things to keep in mind when presenting to a motocross graphics company. 

The Power of Social Media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a powerful tool for a racer, rider, influencer, team or event. Your race, or event only provides a limited audience to those there at the time, as with social media you can create exposure for the motocross graphics company from anywhere at any time. When presenting yourself to the company it is crucial to break down your analytics, audience and influence through your social channels. Provide the brand with your follower count, post engagement, the frequency and quality of your content. Social media is the most powerful tool in your arsenal when trying to obtain sponsorship from a motocross graphics company. 

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