Install Guide

To Begin

ESSENTIAL: If using old plastics ensure your surface is entirely clean with all existing graphics and residual glue removed. Applying heat will aid in softening the bonding agent/adhesive to make this process easier. (New plastics are preferred).

Wipe and clean all surfaces thoroughly with an appropriate isopropyl alcohol prepping agent (eg: methylated Spirits). This is important for old and new plastics. Allow to air dry.


IMPORTANT: Never rush this step. Allowing time will reduce the probability/possibility of an error to occur.

Lay out each of your plastics with the corresponding new graphic decal to suit.

Take care to perfectly align the graphic on the plastic to suit.

Peel a small amount of the backing paper from a corner of the graphic and apply to the plastic by pressing firmly. We recommend using an application glove to assist with this application.

Progressively/gradually remove small sections of the backing paper as you work and apply graphic to plastic. If you find a bubble/crease/ripple beginning to develop, you will need to work the graphic to fit.

To assist with getting the graphic to conform with the plastic in and around its profile/edges/cutouts etc you may need to apply heat.

Applying heat from a heat gun/hair dryer will make the graphic more flexible and allow you to maneuver it better. Warning: Ensure you apply heat gradually as overheating will result in damaging the graphic.

Once you are satisfied with the install, we recommend you heat entirely, ensuring all air has been removed from under the graphic and to assist in better attachment.


FOR BEST RESULTS: Ensure you allow 72hrs for the graphics to adhere/bond correctly before riding or washing.

During this time continue to check the graphics and apply heat and press down on any areas lifting (this is expected, especially on areas where the graphics are required to bend around plastic contours).

Failure to follow any of these instructions properly may result in, imperfect decals and a shorter lifespan of your new graphics.